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The topics may vary, but at the heart of it all will be my musings on how we can embrace the angelic and spiritual vibrations to create a more harmonious world. With a dash of ghosts, spirits and the paranormal, the things which drew me to the spiritual side of life in the beginning.

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My name is Tracy, I live on the beautiful Isle of Wight with my wife and partner of 23 years and our 5 rescue cats. No clichés here… Due to health issues, I do not currently have a job, but in the past have had many jobs - chef at the Savoy Hotel, cook at a couple of Outward Bound centres, Eton College, followed by many and varied jobs in the UK and abroad. I even designed a few knitting patterns, for more information look on my website. I am currently about to start my fourth year of an English Literature/Creative Writing degree with the Open University, three years down, three to go.


When I am not writing or studying I enjoy painting, both watercolour and acrylic, knitting, patchwork, spinning (yarn that is, not the bike things), and gardening.

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Hope, one of my angel paintings

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Tracy O’Brien

Writer, Artist, cat lover living on the Isle of Wight UK